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Last Updated
30 Jan 2021
Minimum Order
1 4 meter

Specification of Genteng Pvc

Excess Rooftop Roof:
1. Save the Cost

Rooftop roof can be minimal maintenance cost. Because it is free of rust or chemicals. Means you no longer need to spend to keep the roof to avoid the problem of porous / rust. Homeowners just need to install the roof only.

2. Durable / Strong Hold

Rooftop roof is also exposed very durable. Some even guarantee up to tens of years. Because rooftop roof is very strong and durable for the roof of your building. And rooftop roof is also resistant to chemicals.

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3. Good Sound Submerged

Rooftop roof capable of muffling sound up to 15dB. This feature is very useful, especially during the rainy season because rooftop roof can muffle the sound of raindrops well.

4. Installation Process Very Fast And Easy

Rooftop roof can be spiked easily. Nails bergalvanize and plaatik plated always mounted at the top of the wave, It aims to prevent the occurrence of rain water entering through the nail hole. So making rooftop roof makes it easier in installation.

5. Can be Translucent in the Light of the Sun.

Rooftop roof can be translucent sunlight, But although this rooftop roof can be penetrated by the roof of the roof of this roof will also remain cool does not cause hot weather beneath it.

6. Able to Reflect the Heat of the Sun

Because Rooftop roof type is able to reflect sunlight exposure up to 71%, so it helps to cool the building space underneath.

7. Resistant to Clash and Heavy Load

Rooftop roof is able to withstand collisions and heavy materials up to 540 kg. So rooftop roof is perfect in make roof material of your home to enjoy your security and comfort when in indoors.

Rooftop Roof Shortcomings:
1. The Price is much More Expensive In Compare Other Roofs

The price can be said much more expensive in comparison to other roofs because the material in the form of rooftop roofs favor strength, cold, and artistic. Therefore rooftop roof price is different from other types of roof.

2. Not Many Color Options

Choice of rooftop rooftop color Only available 2 color choices only. It does not have a wide selection of colors available. Roof roof is available in 2 colors, Blue and White only.

3. No Resistant Fire

Rooftop roof is not fire resistant but more resistant to the plastic roof appeal. Because the rooftop roof has a melting point.

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